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Nowadays, it is known that businesses cannot run without a business Instagram page. Introducing the business to a wide audience and recruiting new customers is mostly done through the social networks Facebook and Instagram. If you want to create a quality digital business card on Instagram and Facebook or get maximum exposure and new customers, you need a serious partner who can manage these pages for you. At the "Shay David" advertising agency, we specialize precisely in managing business Facebook and Instagram pages.

We provide services such as writing organic and engaging content by a skilled copywriter, ongoing editing of photos and videos by a skilled designer, managing advertising campaigns, and courteous and professional customer service.


Creating organic content

Your Facebook and Instagram business page is the perfect place to present your business identity and identifying details, such as address and phone, to potential customers. In addition, the page should be active and interesting so that it attracts attention and interest from customers.

We specialize in creating quality and professional content on your business Instagram page. The content is written by a skilled copywriter who understands the language that is adapted to the target audience and provides the relevant information. In addition, we use storytelling to deliver your business story in an impressive and engaging way.

The visual content relies on the skill of photographers and designers who produce an attractive visual strategy. On your business page, you will find posts, reel videos, and diverse and interesting stories that convey the vitality of the business and encourage potential customers to come to your business.

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Targeting audiences and creating an ad

The content we produce as part of managing the social network pages is organic content, which is undoubtedly the most important basis. In this era, the public is looking to see truths and focus on the authentic sides of the business and the people behind it. And yet, organic content is not enough to improve the exposure of the business to the general public.

The Meta system, which is at the top of the Facebook and Instagram platforms, has created a dependency on sponsored promotion to reach more customers.

As part of our knowledge and expertise, we develop funded strategies aimed at directing your ad to the most relevant audience for your business.

We target the target audience, what are their interests, geographic location, hobbies, ages, sectors and other details that can help us identify the most suitable customers for your business. After the exact identification of the audience, we create a personalized ad and check its results over time, while optimizing for the best results.

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ניהול סושיאל
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