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Business Automation

Integrating automation into the customer journey can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business interactions. By automating repetitive tasks and responses, companies can ensure a consistent and personalized customer experience at every touchpoint. This not only accelerates the process from initial contact to final sale but also frees up valuable resources, allowing teams to focus on more complex customer needs. Automation also facilitates real-time data collection and analysis, providing businesses with actionable insights to continually refine and improve the customer journey, thereby increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Automations in the customer journey

Maximizing Customer Engagement


Smart bots for customer service

The automation process begins with the integration of intelligent bots capable of responding to queries and providing preliminary information to clients. These bots interface directly with our business's information systems, delivering accurate and rapid responses. This not only enhances the customer service experience but also significantly reduces the workload on our support team.

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DALL·E 2024-04-25 11.54.45 - A dynamic image of a CRM software interface on a computer scr

Integration with CRM systems

Automation enhances the process of integrating leads into the CRM system. This crucial process allows for efficient tracking and management of potential clients automatically, ensuring that no leads are lost and that all information is kept up-to-date and accessible.


Optimization of the task management system

Automation technology also enhances the efficiency of sales teams by optimizing task management systems. Every stage in the sales process, from preparing quotes to closing deals, can be automated, maintaining quality and accuracy.

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arm up potential leads

Automation significantly enhances the lead integration process within our CRM system. This vital process allows for efficient tracking and management of potential clients automatically, ensuring that no leads are lost and that all information remains up-to-date and accessible.


What's the problem with your customer journey?

It's boring.
You are like everyone else

There is nothing special in the process, no WOW effect. There is a good chance that the customer leaves details and goes to your competitor to compare the price.

Have you finished a process with a client?

If you don't disqualify him / ask him for a recommendation / reference / feedback you are simply leaving money on the floor. Isn't it a shame?

It's hard to get people on the phone

So if we have already obtained leads, shouldn't we make an effort to actually talk to them?

There is no way to improve.

If we don't collect information and feedback from the customers during the process, how will we know what needs to be improved and strengthened to achieve better results?

The first conversation cold

The customer doesn't really know us and why we are special. In short, a sales call is expected to be difficult.

​In short:
You don't have a customer journey that moves the surfer
High-quality heating process and produces an exciting experience.


So why should you combine?
Automation in the customer journey?

If you are involved in digital advertising

  • Learn how to design a high-quality and effective customer journey: Focus on mapping out each step of the customer journey from initial contact to post-purchase follow-up. Ensure that each interaction is designed to enhance user experience and facilitate smoother transitions along the sales funnel.

  • Learn how to integrate automated WhatsApp messages for leads who leave their details: Automate WhatsApp messaging to instantly engage leads as soon as they submit their contact information, providing them with timely information and maintaining their interest.

  • Learn how to schedule appointments with leads without human intervention: Implement tools that allow leads to book appointments directly through a digital calendar, reducing the need for manual scheduling and speeding up the engagement process.

  • Learn how to build a chatbot for Facebook or your website that increases conversions: Develop a chatbot that can handle initial inquiries, provide product information, and guide visitors towards making a purchase or leaving their contact details, thereby enhancing conversion rates.

  • Learn to create an automated feedback questionnaire that is sent to clients: Develop and send automated feedback questionnaires to clients after a service is rendered or a product is purchased. This helps in gathering valuable insights, improving services, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

If you have an advertising agency

  • Learn to integrate automations in your clients' campaigns: Automation can streamline workflows, improve campaign efficiency, and ensure consistent communication across all channels.

  • Learn how to send automated WhatsApp messages to new leads: Setting up automated messages can help maintain engagement and provide immediate responses to new potential clients.

  • Learn how to transfer leads from Facebook Ads to Google Sheets or your client's CRM: Efficiently moving leads to a centralized system can help in tracking and managing leads more effectively, improving follow-up and conversion rates.

  • Discover how to enhance your agency's customer experience through feedback: Regular feedback can provide insights into client satisfaction and areas of improvement, helping to refine services and enhance client retention.

  • You can create a strong differentiation from other agencies: By adopting these advanced techniques, you can offer unique services that set your agency apart from competitors.

  • Discover how to refine your agency's sales process to receive warmer leads: Optimizing your sales process to better qualify leads can lead to higher conversion rates and more successful campaigns.

Pre-sale process

Create a WOW effect from the first moment and bring hot leads to the sales floor

Instant WhatsApp

  • Whatsapp

Warm-up questionnaire


A series of emails


The selling stage

To carry out fast and professional communication that promotes sales and saves time

Automated messages

Smart Poles

Price offer / syllabus

Sending recommendations

cart abandonment


operation and service

To provide a premium service is a constant aspiration to increase ROI

WELCOME message

Apsale system

Referral mechanism

reviews mechanism

Feedback questionnaire

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