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Campaign management

Many of the businesses active on the Internet have at some point experimented with PPC advertising and were hurt because the process was managed incorrectly and they simply "burned money" quickly and without results. We understand the field and have been providing results in it for years for all types of businesses. We offer you an uncompromising professional service of managing funded campaigns in the PPC model, with attention to the smallest details, constant optimization and "finger on the pulse" all the way to make sure you get value and don't burn your advertising budget.


Campaign Management

PPC Advertising in Google Ads (Google Ads)

When it comes to managing PPC sponsored campaigns, the most relevant and popular platform is undoubtedly Google Ads. Managing campaigns on Google allows us to generate effective and focused exposure for you through several channels:
• Text ads on the search results page
• Displaying ads in YouTube videos.
• Displaying ads on relevant and appropriate websites throughout the network.
• Retargeting advertising (Re-Targeting).

without The appropriate professional experience, it will simply not be possible to produce quality results at such at the right price.

Professional experience that we bring out of a genuine desire to create success for you.

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​Campaign Management on
Facebook & Instagram

In addition to managing business pages on Facebook, we also specialize in promoting brands on Facebook and Instagram.
On the Facebook advertising platform, it is possible to set up different types of campaigns according to the customer's needs and the nature of the business: an engagement campaign, likes, referral to a website or making conversions.

Advertising in Outbrain/Tabula

With the help of content-based networks like Tabula or Outbrain You can create links from all kinds of websites on the net to content pages that advertise you.

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