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Shay David
Advertising agency

Experts in promoting online businesses with the help of AI

Shai David advertising agency
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Advanced advertising services for businesses

Campaign management Shai David advertising agency
Campaign Management
Results Based
Promoting Funded
and Organic on Google
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Social Channels
Graphic design and creative Shai David advertising agency
Graphic Design
and Creative
Web Development
Reputation Managment
and PR

Advertising agency

Welcome to Shay David Agency, where we excel in comprehensive digital marketing and advertising services across all digital platforms. Our expertise includes lead generation, website development, branding, and crafting effective strategies that guarantee success.

I am Shai David, a Digital Marketing Manager with over a decade of experience leading and managing top-tier clients in Israel’s dynamic market.

At Shay David Agency, we collaborate with world-class developers and designers, specialists in design, branding, UI/UX, and the development of both image-centric and e-commerce websites. I am dedicated to forging long-term, successful, and rewarding partnerships with our clients. My approach is centered on delivering superior outcomes efficiently and swiftly, ensuring optimal results in the shortest time.

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Our years of experience have led us to the stage of official partners of the largest media groups in the world. Today, we are leaders in the field of website promotion and sponsored advertising for businesses.

Meet the team

Professional teamwork is based on accepting diversity, respecting differences and relying on the abilities of others.


Campaign Management
Results Based

Sponsored promotion on Google and social media is one of the most effective tools for digital marketing. The appearance of your business as part of a campaign can happen in two ways: organically (without paying for the media) and through sponsored advertising. By working accurately and with a proper understanding of the meta system and Google, you can reach your target audience in an optimal way.
If you want to increase the amount of referrals to your business or increase sales in your store through advertising and campaign building strategies that have proven themselves over time, we are here to provide you with the most suitable solutions.


Organic Promotion
Google SEO

Organic promotion on Google is one of the main marketing tools for business owners, and its importance is unquestionable. 
When we want to promote a website to the first place in Google, we perform a set of multiple actions constantly, those with a long-term effect.
When your site is placed in the first place, most surfers will enter it. In practice, the first result on Google receives the most number of clicks, and the later you stay in the search results, the amount of surfers that reach you will decrease. Every effort in accurate and high-quality organic promotion brings a lot of high-quality traffic to your website.


Reputation Management
PR Articles

Reputation management and public relations on the Internet is a key factor to success. We cannot ignore the fact that reputation management and public relations in the digital world are critical key factors in maintaining a successful business. Successful reputation management is carried out by targeting the appropriate target audience, adjusting content such as articles and articles intended for uploading to the leading websites in Israel. These will present you, your business and your service or product in the most professional light, until the deal is closed with the client.

They work with us

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Spartak Shunia glass view

Spartak Shunia
CEO of Nof Glass Company

Within two years of working with Shay, we turned from an anonymous business into the leading company in Israel in our fields. A significant part of our success belongs to Shai and the firm's team. The team manages all social media channels for me, the company website and sponsored campaigns in all our channels. The results are amazing! Thank you very much, champions.

Nathaniel Gunen Nathaniel Scaffolding

Nathaniel Gonen
CEO of the Nathaniel Scaffolding Company

Shay David and the team of the firm have accompanied me for over two years in all aspects of the company's advertising and promotion. A large part of our company's success belongs to the promotion they do for us. Today our website is ranked first in Google and our social networks are professionally maintained.


Mark Posk curtain shade

Mark decides

CEO of Tel Veillon

Shay has been with our company for over three years. He has built several websites for us and manages successful campaigns for us, with the help of which we have tripled our income in recent years. This is the most professional office I have ever worked with. The right choice for anyone who wants to increase their income.


Web Development

Today, a business that is not in the digital world simply does not exist. Any potential person or business looking for a specific service or product uses search engines like Google to find information and a solution. 
Building a website is the way to create a lasting presence that allows easy access to your target audience anytime and anywhere.
We specialize in digital solutions including building websites, promotion in search engines, creating quality content and brand design. We will pay attention to every detail, to understand exactly your business and your goals. We will help you get a solution that exactly fits the needs of your business, starting from the characterization stage, through the design and writing, to the promotion of the site in the search engines. We will equip you with all the digital tools you need, and all this according to your goals.


Branding | Graphic Design
Video Editing

Branding and graphic design:
We specialize inGraphic Design, video editing and branding your business. Business branding is a process in which a unique identity is built for your business, and it is a cornerstone for its success. Strong branding can create an emotional bond and support between the business and its customers, improve customer loyalty, and help increase sales. Branding is not only your logo and slogan, but also the feeling and impact your business leaves on your customers. 

Video Editing:
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can be worth even more. When a business needs to convey a message, video is the most effective tool for that. It makes it possible to convey a message in a fast and impressive way, while at the same time providing detailed and accurate information. We provide promotional, informative, or even sponsored videos. With their help, a business can offer its information and ideas in an impressive and impressive way, so that they can influence the general public more effectively than ever before.


Management of Social Network

We are a skilled digital advertising agency that specializes in Marketing on social networks. For many years we have worked with hundreds of satisfied customers, and we will continue to bring the best of the digital worlds to promote your business. Our team lives and breathes social networks, and we are always updated on all the trends and innovations that exist in the field. We wake up in the morning with the idea to create your next successful campaign and bring you impressive results.

DALL·E 2024-04-25 11.57.23 - A visually detailed representation of a high-tech task manage

Business Automation

Innovation in Business Automation: How Automation Technology Improves Efficiency and Saves Time.

In the digital age, business automation is not just a recommendation - it is a necessity. With Advanced Automation Technology, businesses of all sizes can significantly improve operational efficiency and save valuable man-hours. Automation contributes to reducing manual errors, speeds up processes and allows teams to focus on tasks with high added value.

  • Where are you located?
    The company's offices are located in Eilat at 7 Al Malaka St
  • What services do you specialize in?
    We specialize in building a results-based strategy for organic and sponsored campaigns. This includes social management, website building, sponsored and organizational Google promotion, competitor analysis and graphic design.
  • How can I contact you?
    Below are the details of how to contact us
  • How much does it cost?
    The price range of our services ranges from hundreds of shekels to thousands of shekels for each service.
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