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Organic promotion in Google's search engines is a process that requires an investment of resources. In order to bring the site to the top of the search results and gain maximum exposure, a variety of actions must be performed over a long period of time and the site's performance should be improved regularly. The organic promotion results are shown allowing to appear in the first places of the search results and get more traffic. Investing in organic promotion improves the reputation and recognition of the brand and is a long-term strategy that allows reducing dependence on sponsored promotion.


Competitor and keyword research

In the first stage of the organic promotion process, we begin by investigating the activity of competitors in the market. We examine the competitors' websites, research the top phrases they use, check the links and articles published on their websites, and identify keywords that are relevant to the promotion goal. Completion of the initial investigation process allows us to understand the market and the future trends of the industry.

After that, market-leading phrases and relevant keywords are professionally used and a long-term strategy is developed. Through continuous analysis and ongoing monitoring of leading keywords and phrases, we enable the business to reach new customers.

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long term strategy

Building a long-term business strategy for organic promotion is a central principle for any business that wants to rise in the Google search results.

At this stage, we begin an in-depth analysis of the market, and building roads that will lead visitors to our site. 

One of the main goals in organic promotion on Google is to reach the first place in the search results relevant to the business.

Ongoing optimization

The most important thing in the process of website promotion is the ongoing optimization of website content, links and articles.

In order to create a situation where the site is always constantly improving in all the parameters that judge its position and promotion, each of the various factors that affect the site must be checked and improved.

The improvements must be ongoing and can include: high levels of optimization in the selection of the correct phrases and constant matching, use of articles and internal and external links that match the content and topic, and more.

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